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Ray Scott

1st in Domestic
Segmented Wine Vessel
Catalogue Number: 761
Category: Domestic

Made with Purple Heart segments.  Featuring a Maple Stopper and Elegant Handle.   Finished with Fishie's Lacquer and buffed with the Beall Buffing System.  H 440mm x W 170mm.

Spirals of Time
Catalogue Number: 762
Category: Embellished Bowls/Platters

Made from Purple Heart, Maple, Winge, Rosewood and Walnut.  Finish is Fishies Lacquer and Beall buffed to a gloss finish.  H 180mm x W 255mm

3rd in Wall Art
Summer Rain
Catalogue Number: 763
Category: Wall Art

Depicting Raindrops gently falling into a clear pond. Made from Swamp Kauri (age unknown) from Kaipara Harbour area.  Finished in satin varnish.  H 660mm x W 1200mm

Highly Commended in Ornamental
Suspended in Time
Catalogue Number: 764
Category: Ornamental

Stand is Maple with Resin/dyed wood shaving insert.  The chain is Maple featuring Purple Heart and Wenge.  The segmented Maple outer ball has a Resin/Dyed wood "time capsule" insert.  Finished with Fishies Lacquer, Beall buffed.  H 835mm x W 400mm