Entries - Plain Bowls/Platters

Wooden items made to a bowl or platter shape. No detailing, decoration, colouring, texturing or embellishment.

American Cherry Pie with Rose Crust
Catalogue Number: 832

U.S.A. Cherry (Black Cherry) base with laminated Rosewood rim with Beall Buff finish.  Size :  20cm Diameter

Ancient Kauri
Catalogue Number: 725

Ancient Kauri platter 335mm x 45mm. Turned as a platter to show the ancient wood beauty.

Ancient Kauri Can be Plain
Catalogue Number: 773

Ancient Kauri bowl. Always humbling to be able to turn a bowl of wood that can be 25,000 years old. 170mm dia  220mm high. The timber always surprises the turner with its chatoyance.

Beech from the Beach
Catalogue Number: 718

Beech root stock  330mm x 35mm. Turned from wood recovered from the flooded Motu River.

Big Red Pōhutukawa Bowl
Catalogue Number: 661

Big red pohotukawa bowl. Undercut rim with turned double bead on the top.

Diameter 355mm     depth 140mm

Finished with laquer and buffed with steel wool to a satin finish

Highly Commended in Plain Bowls/Platters
Black Canyon
Catalogue Number: 820

Made from Black Maire,  this piece is spalted and has spectacular grain featuring a black line running throughout the piece.  Finished with Ondina oil and Beall buffed to a gloss finish.  H 65mm x W 220mm

2nd in Plain Bowls/Platters
Black Maire Bowl
Catalogue Number: 743

Black Maire bowl with under cut rim. 190 mm wide X 75 mm tall.

1st in Plain Bowls/Platters
Blue Gum Treasure
Catalogue Number: 782

Blue Gum Burl. The grain and the finish achieved speaks for itself. An amazing piece of wood that needed to be left plain. 220mm diameter 110mm high.

Bowl Saved Bowl
Catalogue Number: 755

This is a Kauri bowl cut from a bowl saver. It has some unusual tones that oppose the grain which look nice.   230 mm diameter.

Catalogue Number: 853

Taraire platter, 480mm wide, finished with french polish.

Cube bowl
Catalogue Number: 851

Flowering Cherry bowl started from a cube of wood.  Finish is Beall buffed, Organ oil, then plain buffed after 2 days.  200 mm X 200 mm. 

Curved Rimu Bowl
Catalogue Number: 831

Bowl made from NZ Rimu with rolled rim. Finish is Renaissance Wax.  Size : 18cm diameter

Highly Commended in Plain Bowls/Platters
Catalogue Number: 734

Plum wood at its vibrant best. 260mm diameter x 80mm high. Finish is carnauba wax.

Heart Rimu Platter
Catalogue Number: 828

Plain heart rimu.  30cm diameter 

Highly Commended in Plain Bowls/Platters
Images in Puriri
Catalogue Number: 703

Undercut Puriri,  entrance hall table bowl. Designed for ornamental or practical use.  210mm wide x 100mm high , opening 140mm wide. Great weight to size ratio. Quality undercut and all round wax finish. Pleasing to the eye and the touch.

Highly Commended in Plain Bowls/Platters
Kauri Fruit Bowl
Catalogue Number: 783

Light weight swamp Kauri fruit bowl. Gentle undercut and easy top wave makes for a pleasing look and feel . Finished with Danish oil. Size 235mm wide x 75mm high.

Large Black Maire Bowl
Catalogue Number: 728

Large black maire bowl with exceptional figured grain. Rare native timber used mainly for flooring. Shallow bowl with undercut rim and double turned bead. Finished in lacquer and hand polished with 0000 steel wool to a satin finish. Diameter 387mm 78mm height.

Highly Commended in Plain Bowls/Platters
Mahogany and Maple bowl
Catalogue Number: 823

Laminated Mahogany Bowl with laminated Maple ring 150 x 85 mm. Nitro Cellulose lacquer and buffed canuba wax finish.