Entries - Hollow Forms/Vases

Hollow forms must have been made from a single piece of wood and hollowed through a hole which is significantly smaller than the diameter of the finished work. Vases must be higher than they are wide and have been hollowed. Hollow forms and vases must be predominantly wood but may be decorated with other materials.

1st in Hollow Forms/Vases
Catalogue Number: 694

“Phi” is designed using the ancient golden ratio, turned and carved from one piece of Black Maire 225mmH x 325mmL, with the sphere wall turned to 3mm thick and base walls 10mm thick, then textured including the Phi symbol.

3rd in Hollow Forms/Vases
Around The Garden Fence
Catalogue Number: 793

Three vases attached to a turned dowel frame (The Fence).  Wood used - Ancient Rata, Metrosideros species, Gleditsia tricanthos and Beilschmiedia tarairi. Embelishements  - carved, textured, and acrylic paint, aluminium handles and beeswax finish.  Dimensions - 555 mm L  300 mm H  310mm W

Blue Lagoon
Catalogue Number: 702

Made from box elder, coloured with Jacquard basic turquoise dye and finished with spray lacquer.  Stands 110 mm x 150 mm

Blue Lagoon
Catalogue Number: 769

Made from Jacaranda, with Metalic Blue, finished with Ondina oil and Beall Buffing system.  The piece is inspired by Pacific Island Lagoons - depicting  sand leading into the crystal blue water.  H 115mm x W 110mm

Casuarina Hollow Form
Catalogue Number: 882

Spalted hollow form with voids made from a coppice stool. Turned green and allowed to warp. Finished with shellac and beeswax.  Material: Casuarina cunninghamiana.  Diameter: 245/230 mm Height: 120 mm.  Maximum wall thickness: 4 mm

Catalogue Number: 757

Pōhutukawa vase turned and carved to represent fire.  210 mm high.

Fire in the Belly
Catalogue Number: 682

Kauri vase, carbon dated to 1600yrs old 260 mm high x 180 mm wide at base finished with triple e and bees wax.

Grain Galore
Catalogue Number: 841

Hollow form turned from Box Elder showing the natural beauty of the grain and red colouring of this unique wood.  Measures 260mm x 90mm.  Finished with spray lacquer.

Holes Galore
Catalogue Number: 683

Macrocarpa and mahogany stained, 270 mm H x 170 mm W at base, 5mm wall thickness.

Catalogue Number: 875

Made from locally felled, native Pohutukawa, this richly coloured vase has been hollowed to approximately 4mm and finished with Danish oil and several polishing waxes. 280mm high. 

2nd in Hollow Forms/Vases
Pohutukawa at Christmas
Catalogue Number: 775

A delight at Christmas and when we have the blooms in flower.  The flowers are life sized on this form, 300mm high 250 mm diameter. Turned, carved and embellished with a dash of colour - as the tree in bloom looks. 

Pohutukawa Two Curves
Catalogue Number: 822

Well weathered beach found Pohutukawa with some spalting and borer holes.  200 X130mm opening 65 x 120 deep mm. Wall thickness 10 - 25mm at middle .  Nitro Cellulose and buffed Canuba wax finish

Catalogue Number: 737

Macadamia Form, turned with the pith in to enhance the striking radiating medullary rays.  A very hard dense timber almost equal to its famed nut shell.  Danish oil, Yorkshire paste buffed.  130mm(5") H x 110mm(4.5") diam x 4mm walls

Highly Commended in Hollow Forms/Vases
Resting Tui
Catalogue Number: 789

Turned from Aspen Poplar, this 8.5 diameter, 13cm tall wooden piece captures our beautiful and cheeky New Zealand Tui birds in a serene moment. It features a unique metal leaf patina, showcasing a stunning array of colors. Wall thickness: 3.0mm.  Finish: Top part 30% lacquer, bottom part super high gloss 2pack clear.


Catalogue Number: 735


Arizona Cypress Form.  Highly perforated walls following the grain lines highlighting its features.  Very light in weight, sandblasted for effect and to enhance the texture.  Finished with Danish oil, bees wax finish.  200mm(8") H x 200mm(8") diam x 4-5mm walls


Taraire Standing
Catalogue Number: 795

Spalted wood from a long-dead Taraire tree.  Finished with Rustins Danish oil.  230 mm high.

Te Kea Kowhai
Catalogue Number: 805

Rimu, 145mm high. Turned, carved, coloured with automotive base coat, pyrography. Finished in rattlecan semi gloss.

The Three Radicals
Catalogue Number: 770

Made from New Zealand Punga tree fern.  Turned to wall thickness of 4mm and allowed to naturally dry to form the radical shapes.  Finished with Ondena Oil.  H295mm