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John Young

Flight over shimmering water
Catalogue Number: 877
Category: Wall Art

Purpleheart dragonfly, embellished with natural Paua shell. It skims over a hand carved, almost shimmering native Kauri base, which has been polished to a high gloss finish. 305mm wide.

Catalogue Number: 875
Category: Hollow Forms/Vases

Made from locally felled, native Pohutukawa, this richly coloured vase has been hollowed to approximately 4mm and finished with Danish oil and several polishing waxes. 280mm high. 

3rd in Ornamental
Lost pieces
Catalogue Number: 878
Category: Ornamental

A symbolic relic from our past. Returned to life to highlight faultlines and the fracturing of our nation in recent years. Symbolising that without unity, our true value cannot be reached. Macrocarpa. Handcarved, painted, finished with gilders paste. 420mm wide.

Highly Commended in Embellished Bowls/Platters
Ringed Mahogany
Catalogue Number: 876
Category: Embellished Bowls/Platters

Once destined for the fire, this stunning piece of recycled Mahogany has been embellished with pyrography, carving, and paint to frame its natural beauty. Finished with Danish oil and waxes, bringing it to a high gloss finish. 260mm wide.