Entries - Domestic

Any wooden item the maker believes to be utilitarian in a domestic situation. This item may incorporate other materials that are integral to the function of the piece.

Apartment Dibbler
Catalogue Number: 816

Apartment window garden dibbler, 95mm height in macrocarpa, pyrography patterned for dibbling in an interior window edge garden.

Black and White
Catalogue Number: 800

Scorched Oak and Spalted Tawa for these Grinders. The black one is 270mm high X 60mm diameter and the Tawa one is 250mm X 60mm.

Chess board
Catalogue Number: 864

A favorite of both Kids and Adults, this classic strategic game comes in a folded magnetic chess board. Measuring 250mm square, all the pieces fit in the box

Catalogue Number: 754

These 2 goblets were turned out of American Ash. These were the homework requirements from a training course.  I found the turning to be a little difficult and the finishing of the Ash quick challenging. I am very happy with the 165mm high Goblets.

Jewelry Bowl
Catalogue Number: 861

This unique jewelry bowl is designed for arranging rings, earrings and bracelets. Measuring 120 X 200 mm, the crack is stapled with copper wire for beauty.

Ms Salt & Mr Pepper
Catalogue Number: 842

Made from recycled Kauri, this "Seasonal Pair" stand at 140mm x 64mm in diameter.   Mr Pepper is slightly ebonised to accentuate his more masculine shape in comparison to the feminine Ms Salt.  Finished in Yorkshire grit and Beeswax. 

NZ Fantail Peppergrinder
Catalogue Number: 788

Peppergrinder made out of NZ Rimu, embellished with Pyrography. Fantail bird on 2 sides of the grinder and fern motives at the bottom. Fitted with Crushgrind mechanism and finished with Haarlem Oil. 285mm x 60mm

Olive Pepper Grinder
Catalogue Number: 749

Made from Olive wood and from the first Olive trees planted in NZ at Cornwall Park Olive grove by Sir John Logan Campbell in the 1860s. This mill features a beautiful Olive tree design wood-burned into its side and houses a precise Canadian-designed CrushGrind mechanism.  Diameter: 7cm Height: 29cm  Finish 30% lacquer.

Highly Commended in Domestic
Pohutukawa 02 Pepper Grinder
Catalogue Number: 750

Made from New Zealand Pohutukawa wood. This mill features a futuristic burnt design, enhanced by artist-quality color oil pencils and features a precision Canadian-designed CrushGrind mechanism.  Diameter: 7cm  Height: 29cm  Finish 30% lacquer.

Pohutukawa Pepper Grinder
Catalogue Number: 748

This mill is from New Zealand Pohutukawa wood, with a pyrography flax weaving band pattern, and high-lighted with artist-quality gilders' paints, and features a precision Canadian-designed CrushGrind mechanism.  Diameter: 7cm  Height: 29cm  Finish 30% lacquer.


Highly Commended in Domestic
Pot Pourri bowl
Catalogue Number: 860

This Pot Pourri {200 mm by 120 mm} can bring the smell of pure nature inside the house. The aroma reminds one that "Spring" is here. The shape of the bowl has an aesthetic appeal specially the 9 sided pattern on the lid.

Rewarewa Pen Set
Catalogue Number: 829

Pair of rewarewa pens

Rimu Pepper Grinder
Catalogue Number: 751

Handcrafted from New Zealand Rimu wood. This mill has a pyrography flame and flax weaving band pattern, artist-quality gilders' paints, and a precision Canadian-designed CrushGrind mechanism.  Diameter: 7cm  Height: 29cm  Finish 30% lacquer.

Salt and Pepper
Catalogue Number: 798

Light wood for Salt made from Olive for the base and Beech for the top, and darker wood for Pepper made from Cherry for the base and Beech for the top . Both 60mm diameter and 260mm high and 250mm high

2nd in Domestic
Sandwich Plate
Catalogue Number: 836

Walnut cut square and turned.  Finished with lacquer.  300 mm wide.

1st in Domestic
Segmented Wine Vessel
Catalogue Number: 761

Made with Purple Heart segments.  Featuring a Maple Stopper and Elegant Handle.   Finished with Fishie's Lacquer and buffed with the Beall Buffing System.  H 440mm x W 170mm.

Serving Tray
Catalogue Number: 699

Unknown spalted wood finished with lacquer.  340 mm diameter.

3rd in Domestic
Sliding Steph Stool
Catalogue Number: 686

Named Steph stool because it’s named after my wife Steph.  Recycled barn Rimu.   Every join has a negative detail for extra shadows. Handles on top and bottom. Bottom slides back and forth on a dado and waxed key. 500H x 360W x 280D.