Entries - Natural

Any single piece of wood which retains a part of the natural surface of the wood as it was found.


All in the Balance.
Catalogue Number: 704

Magnolia natural edge bowl. 260mm wide x 170mm high ( highest point) and 42mm( lowest point). Wonderful example of crotch timber patterns throughout the bowl. Finished in satin clear lacquer so retaining the natural wood colours and patterns.

Highly Commended in Natural
Ancient Forest
Catalogue Number: 685

Red beech burl found in the surf at Barn Bay, Fiordland National Park. Turned to 8 mm wall thickness to ensure it stayed intact then finished with the Beall system. Dia 280 mm x 160 mm at the highest point. 

Beach Find
Catalogue Number: 719

Natural edged beech bowl 280mm x 110mm. Turned out of Beech root stock recovered from the beach.  Weathered natural edge is its original colour.  No artificial colour added when finishing.

Burr Bowl
Catalogue Number: 717

Natural edged macrocarpa burr bowl 300mm x 175mm. Left natural to highlight the features of the burr.

Christmas Pudding
Catalogue Number: 879

Swamp kauri with natural defects, shellac, wax. 13 x 10 cm 

Driftwood and Iron
Catalogue Number: 706

The marriage of driftwood washed on to a lonely Coromandel beach to iron forged at an early settler’s smithy at the same location.  Dimensions of wood 380 x 165 x 65.  Finished in epoxy resin and Danish oil.

E T Elm
Catalogue Number: 790

From a storm-felled elm that took out two cars in its death throes, hence the sad eyes.  Finished with Rustins Danish oil and lacquer.  300 mm dia x 120 mm high.

Highly Commended in Natural
Feather Bowl
Catalogue Number: 810

Rimu burl 55mm high, turned, carved, highlights with lead pencil. Finished with spray lacquer. 

3rd in Natural
Feathers after Leaves
Catalogue Number: 809

Rimu burl 65mm high. Turned and carved with leaves and feathers, pyrography. Finished with wood wax.

Heart of Oak, Feet of Corgi
Catalogue Number: 838

Wet turned pin oak.  Ebonised and finished with lacquer. 150 mm diameter and 100 mm high.

Knot the Center.
Catalogue Number: 858

Natural edge Ngaio ( aka Mousehole tree)  round bottomed bowl, standing on 3 feet. Bowl is  23cm wide x 13cm high. Beall buff finish. Interesting texture and patterns in growth rings, compression points and small branch knot.

2nd in Natural
Leaves on a Burl 3
Catalogue Number: 781

Coolibah Burl.  An amazing piece of timber that has been further enhanced by the carving of leaves on the rim.  The leaves change as they are viewed from different angles they appear to be moving in the wind.  360mm dia 100mm high.

Maire Bowl
Catalogue Number: 723

Natural edged Maire bowl 250mm x 120mm. Natural edged Maire from the Pureora Forest.

Matai Burr in Rustic Form
Catalogue Number: 852

Matai Burr exterior finished in three coats of sanding sealer, inside of bowl sanding sealer and Bees Wax and then polished. Formed from a 30cm long burr, 21 cm wide and 13 cm high.

Highly Commended in Natural
Mother and Child
Catalogue Number: 797

Crabapple bowls. The smaller one cored from the 'Mother', and is 160mm x 125mm and 50mm high at the highest point. And the larger or 'Mother' bowl is 200mm X 170mm and 80mm high at the highest point. Both are between 3-4mm thick at the rims.

1st in Natural
Mother Nature at its best
Catalogue Number: 780

Red Mallee Natural edge burl.  This bowl sits on three feet with a carved rim to picture frame the delight in the grain.   The gold leafed leaves are to tell the story of how this burl came from the gold fields in Australia.  400mm dia 85mm high.


Natural Inclusions
Catalogue Number: 808

Silver Beech Burl, 90mm x 315mm (max), inside sanded through the grits with the mandrel edge to create a smooth yet hammered texture. The bark inclusion is glued in with epoxy resins and glue powders. Finished with wood wax.

Open Pepper
Catalogue Number: 814

Natural edge Pepperwood  bowl, thin walled, 100mm wide, on two axes.