Entries - Wall Art

An item made principally from wood which may be embellished with other materials. The item must be designed to be secured on a wall as a decorative item.  This work may be a carving, scroll saw work, marquetry, intarsia or any other form of woodwork.

Flight over shimmering water
Catalogue Number: 877

Purpleheart dragonfly, embellished with natural Paua shell. It skims over a hand carved, almost shimmering native Kauri base, which has been polished to a high gloss finish. 305mm wide.

2nd in Wall Art
Geo tile "sage and wasabi"
Catalogue Number: 821

Made from reclaimed timbers. Designed to be hung landscape or portrait and can be rotated and hung by any of the four sides for a change in prospective.  Measuring H880 mm X W510 mm X D50 mm.

He Ra Hou (A New Day Rising)
Catalogue Number: 701

This sculpture represents a new day rising, the centre piece represents Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) in green and Ranginui (Sky God) in blue.  Japanese cedar with Totara centre piece.  Paint is Jacquard lumbered acrylic.  770 mm tall x 350 mm wide.

High in the Silence
Catalogue Number: 672

Carved from single slab of ancient Swamp Kauri timber 800 x 450 x 50 mm, the wing is embellished with pyrography and highlights added using acryclics. Lines from John Gillespie Magee Jr's poem (High Flight) are burnt into the wood with pyrography.

King of the Jungle
Catalogue Number: 867

Photographed by me in Masai Mara, Kenya, and pyrographed on a natural edge wood, this wall art of a Lion is a symbol of courage and strength. It measures 340 X 210 mm.

Catalogue Number: 870

In Maori folklore the moon is both male and female. Marama is the female embodiment of the Moon.  This piece is made from reclaimed Kauri from a Villa renovation in Mt Eden.  460 mm wide.

Pepe Para Riki (Copper Butterfly)
Catalogue Number: 873

Marquetry, using a variety of wood veneers (Oak, Walnut, Red Beech, Rosewood) 310 x 270

Pray for Peace, 2023
Catalogue Number: 729

This spiritual alter is about creating a place to pray for peace in our World. I have used Siberian Larch, Rimu, pyrography techniques and watercolour paint. Height 69cm, width 30cm, depth 12cm.

Sea Side Gold
Catalogue Number: 712

Turned from laminated pine, guilded in gold leaf and distressed with acrylics . Totara centre disk and bent laminated rimu slit. Diameter 240mm

Sleeping Whales
Catalogue Number: 885

Carved from Kauri it represents a pod of 5 Sperm Whales sleeping in the ocean. Pinus Radiata base with acrylic enamel paints. 800mm tall.

3rd in Wall Art
Summer Rain
Catalogue Number: 763

Depicting Raindrops gently falling into a clear pond. Made from Swamp Kauri (age unknown) from Kaipara Harbour area.  Finished in satin varnish.  H 660mm x W 1200mm

Tarata (Lemonwood)
Catalogue Number: 871

Marquetry, using a variety of wood veneers (Walnut, Red Beech, Black Bean, Maple) 280 X 240

The Falcon
Catalogue Number: 866

My wife and I photographed this falcon in Egypt, and I decided to pyrograph it on a piece of Swamp Kauri measuring 180 X 380 mm. It will be a fine decoration on a wall.

1st in Wall Art
The Goddess
Catalogue Number: 874

This piece is made of native Moanui Totara, which adorned with metallic gold acrylic and recycled copper board. I was inspired to do this piece as I endeavor to add human form as another aspect to my works. The piece is 190cm in length and 44cm in width.

The Ode of Oak
Catalogue Number: 834

Oak, Textiles, Metal & Inks.  83cm Length, 29cm Across.  Contrasting Feminine/Masculine, Hard/Soft, Black/White, Strong/Gentle, Wood/Metal, Flow/Static & Wisdom/New- Thus story telling the tale of *The Ode of the Oak* Pendant Wall Hanging.

Wall Hanging 06
Catalogue Number: 692

Carved Macrocarpa wall hanging, finished with green metalic paint. Spalted oak insert. 290 mm diameter.