Entries - Ornamental

Any item made principally from one or many pieces of wood which may be embellished with other materials. This item may be decorated, coloured, textured or otherwise enhanced. For example, the work may be a carving; a carved, textured, or painted item of woodwork; or a piece of marquetry, intarsia, or scroll saw work.

3 Goblets
Catalogue Number: 690

Bases of blackwood with kwila stems turned to about 4mm.  Cups of casuarina burr, blackwood and blackwood.  Finished with 1. oil and wax. 2. alcohol dyes and polyurethane. 3 carved with green paint and black dye finish. 560mm tall.

Highly Commended in Ornamental
Battle of the Leaves
Catalogue Number: 768

Coolibah Burl turned, reconstructed  to represent a  miniature Roman helmet for the Fairies of the Realm, carved and embellished.  Comes with a stand of antler that was found in the same forest as the helmet was worn. Size: 270 long.

Catalogue Number: 684

Hollow form sculpture . Veneered in Matai, swamp and heart Rimu. Gilded with copper and black accents sitting on a Rewarewa base.  L 450 mm H 350 mm. 

Blue Sky Mining - Sorrow
Catalogue Number: 803

'The smell of a great sorrow lies overy the land, plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaded sky..' - D Gilmore / Pink Floyd 

Maccrocarpa 98mm high, turned, carved, lacquer colour, graphite, ink, finished with lacquer satin clear.

Budding Swamp Kauri
Catalogue Number: 865

This beautiful Swamp Kauri bud vase showcases the timeless beauty of ancient wood. Its stunning finish is meticulously applied with CD50 oil, accentuating the rich textures and preserving the unique character of this remarkable piece.  Size 65 wide x 190 mm tall.

Celebration of NZ Mushrooms
Catalogue Number: 759

Mushrooms arranged around ebonised ancient root Kauri. Top of mushroom Totara.  Size 42cm wide 40cm depth and 62cm height.

2nd in Ornamental
Catalogue Number: 673

Fantail (Piwakawaka) is carved from Tupelo, an American soft carving timber, and hand painted with acrylic paints. The base is Pencil Cedar and the branch and leaves are made from brass and painted. Total height is 390mm.

Catalogue Number: 740

Large Arizona Cypress vase.  Highly perforated walls following the grain lines, sandblasted to highlight the grain and texture.  Finished with Danish oil and beeswax.  Stands 250mm(10") x 150mm(6") x 5mm walls.

Flamecrafted Orb
Catalogue Number: 801

Handcrafted from ancient Kauri, this features intricate pyrography patterns. With the play of light, glimpses of Kauri's natural beauty flicker through. Enhanced with African gold gilders' paints. 7cm in height and 6.5cm diameter.  Finish 30% lacquer.

Flight of the Kauri.
Catalogue Number: 824

Made from Kauri sourced in the Dargaville area. The piece has been textured and coloured with acrylic paint.  Width across the rim is 220mm.

Gāo Tóng (Tall Copper)
Catalogue Number: 731

A tall vase inspired by vases of the Ming Dynasty. The body is sycamore deep carved then finished with limewash and highlighted with copper guilders wax. The base and neck are red beech burl finished with Beall. Dia 200mmx120mm.

Hinepūtēhue (Mythical daughter of Tane)
Catalogue Number: 698

Inspired by the deity Hinepūtēhue this is an interpretation of a Māori gourd. Turned from sycamore then hollowed and carved to form the neck. The neck has stylised pyrographic moko kauae and the piece is completed with korowai. Dia 220mmx150mm.

Industrial Revolution
Catalogue Number: 766

Don't be fooled these are made of various timbers hollowed to 1-2mm,  permanent plugs inserted in ends.  Finished with Industrial paints:  Matt Black, Antique Pewter, Rust, and Granite.  They are feather light - all five weigh just 400 gms.  Max H 330mm x W52mm

3rd in Ornamental
Lost pieces
Catalogue Number: 878

A symbolic relic from our past. Returned to life to highlight faultlines and the fracturing of our nation in recent years. Symbolising that without unity, our true value cannot be reached. Macrocarpa. Handcarved, painted, finished with gilders paste. 420mm wide.

Native Fish
Catalogue Number: 758

Maori inspired using ancient Kauri and Totara for strength. Size 41cm wide and high, .7cm thick.

Oxford Straw Boater
Catalogue Number: 772

Made from Poplar with pyrography and coloured to resemble "straw".  Mahogany veneer lining and head band is finished with Ondina oil. The stand is Jacaranda, with pyrography embellishment both top and base.   H 50mm x W 300mm.

Petite Ladies at the Races
Catalogue Number: 777

The  ladies are off centre turned from Purple Heart.  The hats are various timbers - turned to 1-2mm thickness to allow them to naturally move.  Finished with Pyrography,  coloured in acrylic paint and accessorized with ribbons.  H 110mm

Purple Patch
Catalogue Number: 784

Hollow form made out of spalted Maple and Purple Heart, embellished with pyrography and finished with Haarlem Oil. The Maple had a hairline crack that was accented with hand cut Purple Heart bow ties. Diameter 170mm, height 130mm