Entries - Boxes

Any wooden item with a lid that fits into or over the body of the work to enclose a usable space within.

Ash Lidded Box
Catalogue Number: 752

Ash keepsake box featuring an Ebony and Puriri burl inlay in the lid. Ideal for cherished keepsakes or wedding rings. Would make thoughtful gift. This stands at 5cm in height and has a 6cm diameter.  Finish 30% lacquer.

Black Hole
Catalogue Number: 862

This American ash-lidded box features a sophisticated black flocking lining, creating an elegant interior. Its exterior is skillfully finished with a blend of bench-top oil and beeswax for a refined and timeless appeal. Size 70 mm x 90 mm high.

Blue Box with Finial
Catalogue Number: 666

Turned from Marcrocarpa, turquoise dye and pyrography, with an ebony finial.  Dimensions are 330 mm diameter and 220 mm high, including the 115 mm finial.

Cherry Swirl
Catalogue Number: 863

Crafted from exquisite cherry and maple woods, this lidded box exudes natural beauty and durability. Its flawless finish is achieved through meticulous application of bench top oil and beeswax, enhancing both aesthetics and longevity.  Size 90 mm x 95 mm high.

Crator Lake
Catalogue Number: 806

Rimu with macrocarpa burl, 65mm high. Carved, dyed, white  wash, acrylics. Finished in semi gloss lacquer.

Double Trouble
Catalogue Number: 846

Black Maire with two double-sided egg-shaped boxes.  Lids can be exchanged from side to side.  400mm long.

Giant Acorn Box
Catalogue Number: 785

Acorn box made out of oak. Lid carved and ebonised. Stem turned off centre, carved and ebonised. Embellished with pyrography and finished with Haarlem Oil. 125mm W, 210mm H

Gingko Tea 
Catalogue Number: 715

Inspired by a Japanese long spout teapot like those in tea houses. Made entirely of macrocarpa with pyro basket weave and ball point designs. The gingko design uses polygraphic pencils with a final coat of polyurethane. Dia 160mm x 180mm.

Hollow Form Box
Catalogue Number: 691

Swamp totara hollow form with painted and lacquered foot and lid. Walls 3 - 15mm. 250 mm in height.

Ode to Cindy
Catalogue Number: 847

Inspired by the works of Cindy Drozda, this finial box is made from a piece of Red Beech Burl, with a Purple Heart Foot and Finial.  Finished in Danish Oil the piece stands at 210mm in height x 100mm in diameter.

Paradise Reserve 3
Catalogue Number: 813

Puriri with Swamp Totara, 42mm high. Lid and base finished with friction polish, carved barrel finished with Beall buff wax.

Tall Box
Catalogue Number: 807

Rimu with Macrocarpa burl and Puriri. 145mm high. Finished with the Beall buffing system.

Tarnished Tea
Catalogue Number: 792

Inspired by a stove top kettle which has once served well but is now a little unloved. Except the handle, it is sycamore. The body and lid are turned and the spout carved. Its tarnished with aged metal paints. Dia200mmx170mm.

1st in Boxes
Tea Box
Catalogue Number: 705

Recycled Matai (Floor Board), Rewarewa, River Matai, Lucketts Green Milk Paint. 77mm x 88mm x 88mm

Threaded Lidded Box
Catalogue Number: 855

This threaded lidded box is made from Pohutukawa. The threads are 16TPI and they were cut using a homemade woodturners threading jig. 70 mm diameter.

3rd in Boxes
Wakahuia (feather box)
Catalogue Number: 779

This Ancient Kauri waka holds a carved Bone Feather. A vase, transformed to a canoe, carved and embellished. Koru patterned hull is depicted as new beginnings and the gift feather as a holding place to our elders.  450mm long and 90mm high.

Yasuraka (At Peace)
Catalogue Number: 687

A pet keepsake urn inspired by the shapes of traditional Japanese vessels. The pot is sycamore, carved then finished with lime wash and the lid is swamp kauri with a swamp totara cross piece on stainless pins.  Dia 180 mm x 140 mm.

2nd in Boxes
Yunnan Box
Catalogue Number: 837

Yunnan Poplar is the aspen-like species of the East.  Made with a manhole cover lid and curved insides for ease of use.  Finished with Fiddies wax. 60 mm high and 150 mm diameter.