Entries - Embellished Bowls/Platters

Wooden items which have been made into a bowl or platter shape which have been decorated, coloured, textured, embellished or otherwise enhanced.

24 Tribes of the 3 Kings of Iroko
Catalogue Number: 804

Kahikatea, 523mm diameter x 52mm high. HB5 pencil with lacquer finish.

1st in Embellished Bowls/Platters
Basket Bowl
Catalogue Number: 742

Kohekohe  bowl with flax weaving inlay. 280mm wide X 145mm tall

Beautiful Black Maire
Catalogue Number: 760

Black maire with a smooth inner and textured outer surface of a bowl.  280 mm diameter.

Black Walnut Bowl
Catalogue Number: 830

Bronzed textured rim, black walnut.  34cm diameter, 6cm deep.

Canned Concrete
Catalogue Number: 778

A beautiful hand sized bowl made from Pohutukawa.  External embellishment - Pyrography basket weave pattern painted black topped with a matt paint (colour: concrete) which flows effortlessly over the rim into the internal surface.    H 60mm x W 115mm

Highly Commended in Embellished Bowls/Platters
Colours of Nature
Catalogue Number: 709

From a set of outside steps, for tens of decades this NZ kauri suffered many layers of lead paint and countless footsteps.  The split lines and naturally formed yellowing add character to the sweeping arcs of the carved rim.  287mm x 24mm.

Highly Commended in Embellished Bowls/Platters
Copper Crown
Catalogue Number: 744

Rata bowl with copper woven inlay with verdigris. 230 mm wide X 80 mm tall

Highly Commended in Embellished Bowls/Platters
Creation of the Universe
Catalogue Number: 720

Large shallow Macrocarpa bowl 437mm x 73mm.  The bowl is embellished with granite spray and combed to represent the Creation of the Universe with the exploding of a Black Hole. The multiple lines from the centre enhance the explosion effect.

Catalogue Number: 859

Oak bowl 120 high and 100 mm diameter with a crochet string braid holding pine disks.

Dream Weaver 2
Catalogue Number: 826

Kahikatea bowl,  40mm high x 237mm wide. Turned, carved, textured, pastel and lead pencil. Finished with semi gloss top coated textured band/feathers, wood wax finish on remainder. 

Driftwood Bowl
Catalogue Number: 708

A shallow resin pour preserves the natural lines on the top of this small handled bowl.  A plaited cord lanyard complements the rustic appearance. Finished in epoxy resin and Danish oil.  Dimensions 250 x 150 x 55.

Gathering Storm
Catalogue Number: 796

Tawa, turned wet and allowed to warp. Tiny Pyro embellishment. 240mm diameter and 35mm high

Heavy Embellished Pōhutukawa Bowl
Catalogue Number: 659

Pohutukawa bowl, heavy, with undercut rim and textured below the outer rim. 

Finished with laquer and polished with steel wool to a satin finish.

Diameter 315mm   Depth 90mm

In Bloom
Catalogue Number: 883

This bowl was turned, carved and embellished to emanate a Sunflower in bloom. Turned from one piece of Poplar, the petals were carved, textured and embellished with acrylic paint, pyrography and gold leaf. Timber - Poplar.  Dimensions - 220mm Diameter 

3rd in Embellished Bowls/Platters
Juniper and Resin
Catalogue Number: 721

Juniper and resin bowl 295mm x 140mm.  Resin coloured light to dark left to right.  The bowl has exacting circular form to ensure that the internal resin circle is perfectly round rather than oval.

Kauri Glory
Catalogue Number: 716

Kauri and resin bowl 345mm x 112mm  Resin has been coloured forest green light to dark left to right to represent the light filtering through the Kauri forest canopy.  Resins two and six are tapered opposite but equal.

Le Probleme du Bois.
Catalogue Number: 825

 Made from Black Maire (A rare timber now). Has obvious cracks (the problem with wood), they have been stitched with leather thong as a feature. Width of the rim is 220. The piece is sturdy and would make a nice fruit bowl.

Magnolia Grandiflora Leaves in the Wind
Catalogue Number: 771

Magnolia Grandiflora 320 dia x 320 w Large Bowl  The full size leaves have been hand carved and embelished to resemble the tree leaves moving gently in the wind. A majestic tree that always draws the eye.