Entries - Sculpture

A three-dimensional representative or abstract form of art work made principally from wood which may be embellished with other materials.

Gateway to a wetland
Catalogue Number: 697

 A fence with a gate that opens. 310 mm long, 105 mm wide, 70 mm high. Made from a piece of Kauri saved from the firewood pile. Finish - Lacquer

Green thing
Catalogue Number: 817

Copper spiked green insect catching thing, Recycled house Kauri , 85mm long and free standing sitting on all angles.

Huia e Huia, Tangata Kotahi
Catalogue Number: 664

The male & female Hiua pair are both carved from kauri, embellished with penwork and acrylics. The eyes are hematite, feet are wire, the beaks carved from beef bone and the base is driftwood. Height 500 mm, Length 700 mm.

Catalogue Number: 819

Inspired by the small islands within Fiordland, laminated and turned from mixed timbers: Buloke, Swamp Kauri, and Cherry wood  main, Rosewood stem and Cherry base, buffed, 95mm height.

2nd in Sculpture
Catalogue Number: 747

From Scotland to a new land, Aotearoa, New Zealand, embracing a new life and culture.  17cm high curved Rimu stand, the ocean waves and Koru.  Precious family memories protected in the Kanuka pearl hidden but exposed for those that seek.


Mr Douglas’s pipe
Catalogue Number: 856

Made from recycled Kauri with a portion of the sculpture turned on the lathe. The work celebrated Charlie Douglas's achievements as a land surveyor, conservationist and artist.  40cm x 150cm x 320 cm

Nature's Beauty
Catalogue Number: 707

Stark man built steel and sharp edge styling contrast with the naturally formed beauty of this stunning piece of driftwood.  Dimensions of wood 300 x 150 x 55.  Finished in epoxy resin and Danish oil.

Piki te Maunga
Catalogue Number: 872

Piki te Maunga (Climb the Mountain) is a recognition of life's challenges. It is an acknowledgement that these challenges are best dealt with one step at a time.  Made from Banksia the piece stands 75cm high and sits on a reclaimed aluminium base plate.

3rd in Sculpture
Tahora Breaches
Catalogue Number: 671

Humpback whale is carved from ancient Swamp Totara with tubercle inserts being Black Walnut, Matai and Basswood. A carbon fibre post in the belly makes it removeable from the Swamp Kauri timber base. Dimensions 600 x 500 x 250 mm.

1st in Sculpture
Transformation of Halcyon
Catalogue Number: 670

Hand of Zeus carved from Black Walnut with bracelet from NZ Matai. Halcyon carved from Macrocarpa painted with acrylics, glass eyes and metal feet. Skink carved from Basswood painted with acrylics. Dimensions 500 x 300 x 250 mm.

Whai Keo
Catalogue Number: 738

Whai Keo or our native stingray symbol carved out of Ancient NZ Swamp Kauri root. The wood is highly figured.  This piece is sealed in polymer resin, de-glazed, rebuffed with Yorkshire paste.  460mm(18") high x 300mm(12") widest point